Anything’s possible in the current moment.

“Anything’s possible in the current moment.”

The speaker, a guest on a podcast, made this statement with such sadness that it stopped me in my tracks. It’s like she had given up. Hope, in her voice, was gone.

Is she right that things are just weird-as-all-get-out right now? Yes. Would any of us be surprised if aliens did land from Mars tomorrow? No.

As I said the other week, the future is unwritten, and no one can predict this new world we’re entering. There is so much we can’t control. But what we can all control is how we’re looking forward. You can, like the podcast guest, look at the future with resignation and despair. Your other choice is to search for what is working and focus on potential, identify possibilities.

Potential and possibility — they can be crafty little twerps that hide in the cracks. They’re almost like fairies that glint and twinkle just out of reach. But like fairies, when you have potential and possibility on your side, they bring fun and magic to the equation.

My guess, if you looked hard enough, potential and possibility will show themselves to you.

So just a thought — could potential and possibility be in your future?

If I’ve piqued your interest and you want a power-up around your potential, join me and others at one of the weekly “Live with Joanna” shows. Sequins + Potential + A large helping of humor = An Experience that will undoubtedly shift how you’re thinking about your future.

If I haven’t inspired you to think about potential and possibility, let me point you to the brilliant minds of Peter Laughter and Chris Palini. They’re talking about our “wake up call” opportunity to create “inclusive economy” organizations.

Here’s the thing folks, the “possible in the current moment” is determined by actions taken tomorrow. You can choose to wait and see what other people are going to do or choose to do something yourself.

I think you should choose your potential, your possibility. And once you figure out what it is, let’s also tell everyone else. Why? Because when you tell people who you are and what you’re doing, they get to choose you. And when people choose you, for your potential and possibility, everyone wins. How’s that for a hopeful future.

Which also — Ta Da! — makes anything possible in this current moment.

If you want to be featured in a future newsletter because you’re doing something different, drop us a line. We’d love to hear, share, and inspire others.



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Joanna Bloor

I teach people to massively improve how they buy and sell potential. Talks about #hr, #futureyou, #potential, #leadership, and #futureofwork