How do you describe what I do?

What do you do?

It’s such a simple question, and if you’ve hung out with me for more than a few minutes, you’ll know I’m a bit obsessed with how you answer it.

Do I still think how you introduce yourself could do with a makeover? Yes.

I could still talk about this forever. I will also never stop doing makeovers because seeing people like Fatima hear how awesome they are is one of the best parts of my job.

Stay with me…

Do you remember the last article I wrote about “every decision made about you is made in a room you’re not in”? In the Amplifier Room, I talked about making sure people were saying what you want them to say — finding out how other people were telling the story of why you’re uniquely awesome.

Ideas from the Opt-In World.

If you’re just reading this article, you’re only getting a pinch of what I have to say. See what I had to say since the last post.



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Joanna Bloor

I teach people to massively improve how they buy and sell potential. Talks about #hr, #futureyou, #potential, #leadership, and #futureofwork